The Works Programme…

Gigaclear is currently bringing an ultrafast, full fibre, broadband network to the village which is due to be ready for service in the third quarter of 2020.  This page will endeavour to bring you up to date information as and when it appears, but if you would like direct contact with Gigaclear then you can register with them at Duct laying will be done by Avonline and notices of road/lane closure will be found on PC Announcements.

Installation is currently underway in the wider district and the schedule is shown below:

That Final Stage…

I have been talking to Chris Morris of Gigaclear to find out about the broadband upgrade from the householder point of view.  I was wondering how they make the physical connection to each household. The email conversation went as follows:

Me.  You bring broadband to the village and install the distribution boxes at various strategic points, but do you also make the physical connections to each household or is that a separate task done by someone else?

Chris.  We will build the network to the boundary of each property and install what we refer to the Gigaclear pot (point of termination). From here once the build is nearly finished and the network is activated we can then install, again with our contractors, from the pot at the boundary into the house with fibre and supply the customer with a new router.  This service can be purchased through ourselves as we are an ISP or through any of our partners on our open access network – full list on 

Me.  So it comes into the house on a fibre.  Will that be pinned to the wall, come overhead or will you be running a trench across the lawn and digging up my beautiful patio?

Chris.  At the installation phase (once the connection is placed and ready, and you have ordered service through ourselves or another partner on our open access network) we will then arrange an installation route with you and bury the fibre to a depth of 6 inches from the connection pot at the boundary into the house with our new Gigaclear powered by a Linksys router.

Me.  Will it come into the house at a place of your choosing or of my choosing?

Chris. Within reason you can decide on the entry point, and if necessary we can dodge patio/nice garden if there is an alternative route. I have included a link to our website and installation guide

Me.  Will I be able to retain my email address?

Chris.  I used to advise yes, but apparently in some instances they can stop you doing so, I would check with your existing ISP to be safe.

Martin Horton (Webmaster)

Gigaclear Presentation Material …

  • The presentation given by Gigaclear at an invitation meeting on 11 February 2020 has been obtained and it can be found Here.
  • The presentation given by Gigaclear at the PC Meeting on 11 June 1919 has been obtained. Whilst much of it is standard presentation material, there is some information specific to Stanton St Quintin on pages 7/8/9 and you can view it by clicking Here 
  • An FAQ can be found Here