Village Contacts

The village has a number of other fine websites covering The Primary School, The Neighbourhood Plan and The Parish Hall and you can find their links here.

Some Useful Links…

St Giles services is on the ‘A Church Near You’ website which can be found  Here

The Parish Hall website can be found  Here

Stanton Social Committee can be contacted Here

Gigaclear can be contacted at

Stanton St Quintin Primary School website can be found  Here

The Neighbourhood Plan website can be found  Here

The Village Community Facebook page can be found  Here

The Bus Service timetable can be found  Here

The Mobile Library website can be found  Here

The Stanton Manor Hotel website can be found  Here

For Service Personnel, the HIVE information service can be found Here

A Bit of Village History …

The ‘Wikipedia’ entry can be found Here

‘British History On-Line’ contains a great deal of detail and can be found  Here

Some more on the Church and its sculpture can be found  Here

Some more on the Church Sheela Na Gig sculpture can be found  Here

The Church as a Grade II listed building can be found  Here

A brief history of Hullavington Airfield can be found  Here

And Finally …

The Webmaster is Martin Horton and you can find him  Here

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